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Since 2001, R U READY has been Lakeland County's Leader in Outdoor Commercial Building Maintenance and Rural Land Management

Snow Removal

When it snows, it goes.  We work hard to ensure your lot and areas are cleared of snow after the snowfall as soon as possible.  We guarantee our work by supplying time-stamped photos promptly.

Parking Lot Cleaning & Line Painting

We clean parking lots after the winter season providing a fresh look in the summer months looking attractive for your customers.  We also provide line painting after parking lots are cleaned; we won’t paint over the dirt.  Discount prices available for combined services.

Parking Lot Sanding

We offer sanding services along with our snow removal.  Properly sanding after snow, freezing rain or wet conditions helps keep your sidewalks, parking lots, and customers safe. We check our sites regularly for ice control.

Pressure Washing (Commercial and Residential)

We provide a mobile pressure washing service.  Pressure washing buildings, sidewalks, small parking lots, parkades and equipment.

We also unthaw frozen water lines, septic lines and storm drains.

Brush Cutting/Mulching

We provide land management clearing making it more accessible to your property and roadways.  We brush around fence lines so you can check and repair fences easily.  We can take down willows and small trees to increase your pasture for your livestock. 


In addition to fence clearing, we also offer corral cleaning.  Welding related and equipment repairs available.

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René Choquette started as a welder by trade working in the oilfield for 20 years. He’s welded for various companies in the Lakeland in that time. Welding everything from equipment repairs to pipeline, he’s developed a keen sense of what it takes to get the job done.

In 2001 he started Renés Welding which due to the demands of increased rural work, led to the purchase of his bobcat in 2005. René expanded his business by doing small odd jobs in the Lakeland with his bobcats and renting out his equipment as needed. RU Ready became the obvious next step in further expanding his business to encompass more of what René has to offer.


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